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Design a mindfulness practice that works for you.

We are the only mindfulness teachers that are certified to teach the Tailored Mindfulness Experience  (TME) program for mindful awareness.

TME was designed to take the student through the stages of mindfulness and meditation based on their own goals and limitations, to reach the objective of mindfulness, insight, and tranquility.

The guiding principle of TME is to find the best approach to mindfulness that works for each individual student.

We work with their goals and parameters to find just the right approach that serves their needs. TME is the only corporate mindfulness program that tailors their curriculum to fit the student through an interactive teaching approach. We maintain an atmosphere of inclusion, compassion and understanding.

The student should not have to bend to suit the technique, but the technique should be adapted to fit the student.

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Happy Employees

More productivity with less costly training and rehiring.

Increased Creativity

Calm focused minds are the most creative minds

Reduced Stress

More productivity is lost to stress than any other obstacle

Lower Sick Leave
and Burnout

Mindful employees enjoy

better health and

take less sick days

Pleasant Work Environment

A work environment that includes mindfulness increases employee

retainment and attracts new hires

Benefits of Corporate Mindfulness

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