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The MT Mindfulness Solution

Build Focus, Clarity, and Balance

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Tailored Mindfulness Experience™ is a unique approach to corporate mindfulness because of it’s ability to adapt, creating a bespoke experience.

Our instructors work with the personal goals and strengths of each student to create the mindfulness programs that works best for THEM.

A "cookie cutter" approach is not the effective way to insure that all students attain the benefits of mindfulness within the parameters of their life, work, and abilities.
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Team Coaching

  • Create individualized practice  for each team to overcome common obstacles

  • Group learning can help bond team members and foster team experience

  • Continual monitoring and coaching ensures consistent response to new hurdles​

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One on One Coaching

  • C-Suite and Senior Management development

  • Focused approach based on individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Targeted work on 'needs improvement' areas of employee reviews

  • Resources for de-hiring

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Seminars & Courses

  • Special events coaching (i.e., Trade Shows, Product Launches, etc.)

  • Dealing with societal issues (Pandemic Anxiety, Health Issues, etc.)

  • Workplace de-stressing and strengthening of corporate values and goals 

  • Available as a speaker for Trade Events or companywide retreats and meetings

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