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Life can be viewed as a constant flow of arisings and passings. Events occur in our life, we embrace them, and they fade or we release them. This is not only the way of perceiving all that goes on in our life, it is also a technique in mindfulness meditation.

Let’s look at the life event part of arisings and passings. So often we are fixated on the arising of a new event in our life, that we miss the fading or disappearance of another event. Our mind is more comforted when we can acknowledge the closure that comes with the recognition of an event passing. Let’s take the time to reflect on the completion (ending) of an experience or event. If we have finished a course or a project, take time to celebrate the emotion of completion. If we are saddened by the passing of a particularly happy experience, reflect on the ending with a smile and an acceptance of the impermanence of all things throughout our life.

We spend a great deal of time focusing on what a new year is going to bring us; we make resolutions, we create wellness programs, we vow to change for the better. We hardly spend any time reflecting on the year that has passed, the smiles it brought us, the lessons learned, and most importantly, the ability to release all that we attach to the previous year.

There is a certain beauty in the completion of an event, experience, time period or emotion. Take it in. Let the feeling of its departure be fully recognized and appreciated. Then let it pass to wherever it is destined to remain.

Happy New Year everyone.

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