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Coaching with Brent Purple Oliver

Coach Bio

Brent is a mindfulness and meditation coach known for his bold, straightforward approach spiced with plenty of humor, curiosity, and attitude. For more than two decades, he studied and practiced within various approaches before realizing no single system could possibly contain him. His path has evolved into cutting-edge contemplative cross training that's both functional and adaptable. Brent is a certified mindfulness teacher through Unified Mindfulness and the Engaged Mindfulness Institute, as well as a certified trauma-sensitive practitioner. He works with individuals and groups to custom-tailor methods based on their goals, style, and circumstances. Over the last ten years, Brent has taught mindfulness in high schools, businesses, yoga studios, colleges, and pretty much everywhere through the magic of Zoom. One of his greatest strengths is a freakish versatility that makes him equally skilled in boardrooms, living rooms, and classrooms. He's committed to helping others discover how to be more aware, awake, and awesome.

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