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Coaching with Preethi Balan

Coach Bio

Preethi is a certified Unified Mindfulness Teacher. She holds a Masters in Psychology, a Post graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management and an Engineering Degree. She began her career as an Instrumentation Engineer before switching to HR. Her corporate career spanned 14 years across these roles in Indian companies as well as MNCs. After completing her Masters in Psychology, Preethi worked for 6 years as a clinic and case manager at a child psychiatry centre in Bangalore. Preethi’s introduction to mindfulness was at a meditation program in 2012. Post this, she dabbled with various systems of practice. However, though each of the practices were enriching, she struggled with developing mindfulness in daily life and maintaining consistency in practice was a challenge. As she explored solutions towards this, Preethi discovered the Unified Mindfulness. The well-structured techniques taught by UM resonated well with Preethi as she was able to realise the benefits of mindfulness in a more reliable and consistent manner. It also set Preethi off on a journey to figure out the best way to teach these practices to adolescents & adults. This culminated in Preethi becoming a Trained mindfulness coach by completing 420 hours of teacher training from Unified Mindfulness. The techniques taught under the Unified Mindfulness system are secular, flexible and can be applied by anyone who wants to practice mindful living. Preethi teaches these techniques to individuals, groups, Corporate and NGO employees, and also works collaboratively with psychologists to offer support to their clients. Her goal is to support individuals to develop a consistent mindfulness practice and to apply it across daily situations. Aside from being a Mindfulness Coach, Preethi’s other engagements are as follows: • Teaching assistant with Unified Mindfulness for their Compass 2 program. • A learning partner with Har Mandir School in Coorg involved in teacher training program to implement mindfulness and other soft skills. •. Conducting group sessions for parents of children with special needs.

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