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TME is based upon a variety of techniques and systems both ancient and modern. We offer the most comprehensive system utilizing the practices of Eastern philosophy and scientific study.


TME does not only a variety of ways to practice during the day, but different techniques to practice during the day. The result is an offering of scores of techniques to match your goals and the parameters of your daily life. Some techniques resonate, some do not. With the variety of choices that we will offer, the times and places these can be practiced, and the intensity and profundity you wish to experience, you create a mindfulness experience that is crafted for your individual life. 


There should be no ‘one size fits all’ concept to mindfulness. Instead, it should be viewed as individual as a fingerprint. In this way, it is also a dynamic practice. As our life changes, our practice changes. We are constantly growing and evolving and so should our mindfulness experience.

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