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The Most Important Thing

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

I was recently reading a book that discusses the importance of finding that ‘Most Important Thing’ in your life.

There is not just one important thing, we have different roles in life and different goals and views of satisfaction and contentment. Our Most Important Thing in our family world is different from our Most Important Thing in our spiritual world. Or are they?

If the principles of love and respect are what we seek in our family world, why would that change in our spiritual world? The same desires for contentment in each of our worlds we live in, transcend the boundaries of our perspective.

Find The Most Important Thing to you in one of your worlds, and you will see how that is truly your need that comes from your soul. The soul does not recognize the way we facilitate our world view by creating different roles. It only knows the truth that you keep within.

We can find our Most Important Thing by asking ourselves questions. Don’t be too focused on finding answers, usually the questions are all you need. Once you recognize your Most Important Thing, you will understand yourself better, your universe better, and feel the tranquility of knowing your purpose.

Sometimes the questions can make you feel uncomfortable or emotional. Those are the best questions and mean you are on the right track.

Keep asking.

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